Why Post a Coupon?

Why Post a Coupon?

There’s one big reason---it will help increase your customer base without breaking your bank…

Trippons is tapping into the latest technology that people are comfortable using to help grow your business. As a Trippon.com vendor, your coupon will appear on a potential customer’s mobile phone. Take a look down the street and see how many people are using their iPhones right now.

Having a coupon on Trippons.com will generate immediate exposure for your business and help you draw new and existing customers through your doors. It gives people motivation to come into your business.

For example, let’s say a family of four is walking down the street looking for a place to enjoy dinner. There are two restaurants within 50 feet of each other. Mom notices the Trippons.com sign in your window so Dad pulls it up on the phone. He likes the 20% off discount coupon and they choose your business.
The rest is up to you.

It helps build loyalty…

Once you have a customer in the door, especially if they feel they are receiving good value, they will be likely to return. They are also more likely to tell their friends.

It is immediate and changeable…

The potential customer will see what you are offering as they are outside your door. They don’t have to download the coupon and print it from their computer. They can see the coupon, flash the coupon to your staff from their phone, and receive whatever discount you are offering. If you as an owner or manager think too many people are using the 20% off discount, you are able to go to our site and change it immediately to something more appropriate. Unlike a printed coupon that might be out on the streets for 6 months, this one stays out there as long as you like and you can adapt it to your current circumstances whenever you wish.

How To Do Trippons…

The first thing to do is go to our website at www.trippons.com. On the homepage you will see a tab asking to register your business. You will be asked to select your town and the category of business you are. Type in your name, address, phone number and you are almost done.

On the same form, you will be asked to define your deal. We have four options---a specific percent off something in your business, a buy-one-get-one free option, an amount of $ off a specific item or purchase, or a special price.  Type in the details of the deal in 75 characters or less and add any fine print such as limitations or expiration dates and you are done.

Select save, and your coupon is just about processed. Just enter your billing and credit card info along with any promotional information and you are part of Trippons.com.

You will be sent a window sign/sticker for your business and it is very important to use it. The window signs are key to making your coupon work. While we utilize other forms of promotions depending on the specific locations such as newspaper and magazine adverting, bus signs and billboards, the window signs are an immediate call to action to customers making buying decisions just outside your establishment.

Tips to make it work better for you…

While there is a benefit to a potential customer just seeing your information on their Droid or iPhone, appealing deals bring in more customers. Trippons doesn’t demand or even ask for a Groupon-type deal of 50% or more that can hurt your bottom line….but we want the customer to see something of real value with your Trippon and that, as you know, will entice them into your business.

It’s important to use short, simple phrases on your coupon. Simplicity is important here at Trippons. Something too complex will turn your potential customers off and they will move along to another coupon. Keep your discount headline and details short and sweet.

Also, creating a positive customer experience is important for building customer loyalty. Prepare for your deal before it runs and communicate the details with your employees. Ideally, a customer should be able to flash the coupon to your employee and get the discount. We also offer the option of a redemption or “Use Now” button on your coupon that will send your business an email saying a coupon has been redeemed. This is for tracking purposes. Again, keeping it simple will keep your customers happy.

We suggest changing up your deal at least a few times each month. This will draw local clientele back time after time, avoid “deal fatigue” that makes people tune out to your deals and keeps it interesting for you employees. As a vendor you can limit the number of redemptions by setting the number of coupons that are available. Once the coupons are used it will disappear from mobile site.

To make it work better, market the deal yourself on your website, your Facebook page or with your client lists. The more people that know about your Trippons coupon, the more people you will have coming into your business. And that’s what Trippons.com is all about…Getting more people into your business.

Email us at info@trippons.com with any questions and thanks for trying a cutting edge marketing and discount strategy to grow your business….