Paddle Boarding in the Cayman Islands

Stand up paddle boarding is a relatively new sport that is becoming very popular. While the sport may appear to be fairly easy to learn, there are a few important basics that a beginner must become accomplished at. After all, the idea of standing on a board while paddling along the surface is to remain upright on the board.

Getting on a paddle board is not difficult, especially when it is done in shallow water. The paddle can be placed across the board to stabilize it while getting on in a kneeling position. It is important to be in the center of the board in order to find the proper balance point. One hand should be gripping each side of the board while also holding the paddle handle. Once the board feels stable, carefully stand up one foot at a time while still maintaining correct balance. Beginners may want to have a helper to hold the board steady as they rise to their feet.

While the water sport of paddle boarding can be enjoyed in nearly any body of water without a current, many people try it for the first time while vacationing. The Cayman Islands is a popular vacation destination with a balmy climate and beautiful scenery. The island has some quiet lagoons that are perfect for learning stand up paddle boarding, and there are several companies that rent water sport equipment nearby. Grand Cayman paddle board rentals are the best way to get into this sport.

Since stand up paddle boarding does require a certain amount of athletic ability and knowledge, beginners will want to take a lesson or two before they attempt the sport on their own. After working with an instructor, most people are soon able to enjoy paddling around on their own.

While stand up paddle boarding is great fun and quite easy to learn, the sport is also a great activity for healthy exercise. Anyone just beginning soon realizes they are using muscles they never even knew they had. Maintaining balance while paddling requires the coordinated effort of small muscle groups just to stabilize the board. The effort of paddling is also a great workout for the arms, back and core muscles. The strengthening of these specific muscle groups can help improve coordination, balance, posture and also help prevent back injuries.

With all the extra exertion and stress on lesser used muscles, it is highly likely that beginners will feel a bit stiff and sore the next day. While it may be rather difficult, the best treatment for this problem is to repeat the paddle boarding activity the next day. This may take a bit of determination to begin with, but most people pay little attention to their discomfort because the activity is so enjoyable.

Some people who learn the water sport of stand up paddle boarding while on vacation make the decision to buy their own equipment once they return home. Purchasing a decent paddle board and paddle will run somewhere between $500 and $1,500, although most are closer to $1,000. In addition to the board and paddle, new enthusiasts are also required to wear a personal flotation device since the board is considered a vessel.

People who are learning paddle board basics can expect to fall in the beginning. Instructors teach that it is important to fall sideways into the water instead of falling onto the board which could cause an injury. It is also wise to use a tether in order to avoid becoming separated from the board. Although most enthusiasts enjoy the sport during warm weather, some devotees wear a wetsuit which gives them the capability of paddle boarding once the weather cools.

Tips On Getting A Discount On The Stingray City Tour In Grand Cayman

Did you know that it is possible to save a lot of money on all of the activities that you can do on Grand Cayman Island? If you are headed to the Caribbean this year, and you have never been to the Cayman Islands, this is the best place to stay. It is the location where you can participate in activities such as going to Stingray City. This is an attraction that will allow you to get out in the water with stingrays that can actually interact with you. There are other locations that you can visit including taking kayak tours at night that will lead you out to areas where bioluminescent organisms are in the water. By simply connecting with them, chemical processes will occur causing them to glow, just like fireflies. However, if your main goal is going to Stingray City, here is how you can save a lot of money on tickets for this attraction.

Why Most People Go To Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman south of Cuba. If you have ever been to the Caribbean before, you will know that the weather is always fantastic. When you arrive, you can participate in many different excursions such as doing private snorkel charters, visiting the Turtle Farm, and many other things in the water. The reason that the Stingray City is so popular is that there are so many stingrays in the water that everyone can have fun with these gentle creatures. A lot of people go to this island to do the stingray city grand cayman tours The main reason is that they have been conditioned for decades to come to that location where fishermen have been throwing in octopus and remains of fish that they like to eat. Additionally, there are places on the island that you can go such as the Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman, or you can visit the Queen Elizabeth II botanical garden. There is also a turtle center that you can see, but for most people they want to spend their time in the water most of the time. You can save money on the Stingray City excursion if you buy everything while you are getting your flight and hotel.

Consider Booking Your Flight Soon

The earlier that you actually book your flight, and your hotel, the more you tend to save. Additionally, as you are making your purchase on these travel websites, you will see the many different activities show up. By taking advantage of the discount prices that are provided, you can purchase tickets to Stingray City at a price that will be less than you would pay if you purchase them after you arrive. This is true for all of the activities that are on Grand Cayman. There are people that will take you into Devils Grotto, the Trinity Caves, and also Cayman Crystal Caves. These all have excellent reviews, and by saving money by purchasing everything in advance, you will have more money to spend when you arrive on this beautiful tropical island.

For those that have been to the Cayman Islands before, you know that you can never get bored or tired of this location. There is always something new and exciting to do. The combination of the warm weather, warm water, and the beautiful underwater activities make this one of the best vacation spots in the world. It is a destination that is unique not just because of the bioluminescent kayak tours, or the stingrays that you can swim with in the water. It is just a magical place, a destination that will fulfill your every thought and expectation because of all of the activities and excellent weather that you will experience.

Tips On Taking A Bioluminescent Kayak Tour Grand Cayman Island Vacation

One of the best vacations that you can ever take is going out to the Cayman Islands. It is located south of Cuba, west of Jamaica, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is made up of three islands with the Grand Cayman being the largest of them all. There are beach resorts there, and you can do many things including scuba diving, snorkeling, plus do a little bit of deep-sea fishing. What is ultimately unique about this area are the bioluminescent organisms that live in the water. They literally make the water glow blue. The areas where they live are called Bio Bays where millions of these glowing microorganisms live, allowing you to transform dark waters into a nighttime spectacle that you will always remember. If you would like to take a bioluminescent kayak tour at the Grand Cayman this year, here is how you can find the best companies to work with so that you can enjoy your trip.

What Exactly Are Bioluminescent Microorganisms?

When people hear about bioluminescent microorganisms, they might wonder if these could in any way be dangerous. They will probably see photographs of people that are paddling in the water, only to see their hands and feet suddenly glow with bioluminescence. Bio bay kayaking is a unique experience and should not be missed. It is this interaction that people have with these organisms in the water which causes them to disperse this light. It is not harmful to humans, and simply provides a spectacle for anyone that is on kayaks looking down, or those that are in the water.

How To Book Your Very First Bioluminescent Kayak Tour At Grand Cayman

It will be very easy for you to book one of these trips. These are happening most of the year. They are situated at about 19° latitude in extremely warm waters, so every trip that you take will place you in water that is going to be warm. There are different companies that offer these trips, all of which can be found on the Internet. These crystal clear waters are going to transform at night into something that you will always remember. Your goal is to look at all of the ones that are currently advertising their services and look at the reviews that they have received. In most cases, they are all going to be very similar with the exception that prices may vary. Those that have higher prices will probably have extended tours that might take you into areas that the other companies may not go. Regardless of the reason, or even of the company that you ultimately select, you are going to enjoy this vacation. Some companies take you kayaking through the mangroves in order to get to the Bio Bay.

How To Save Money On This Vacation

You can save a lot of money on this vacation by booking everything together. There are actually companies that will create package deals for you. You can compare all of these, and one of them is going to end up saving you hundreds of dollars. You also need to consider the cost of the hotel that you will be staying at while you are there.

If there is anything that you do this year, you definitely have to consider going to Grand Cayman to take advantage of the bioluminescent kayak tours that they have available. It is an exciting experience, interacting with these invisible microscopic bioluminescent organisms that are going to create the most wonderful light show you have ever seen. It is something that you may not actually believe until you are in the water. It may take you several minutes to acclimate. But once you realize that it is real, and you see the wonder that surrounds you, you are going to want to come back many times in the future.

Quality Fishing In The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands have so much to offer when it pertains to water sports but what about those who are in love with fishing?

Will you be able to enjoy the experience?

Yes, you will! This is one of the best places in the world for those who want to go and enjoy their time fishing. Here are the main reasons why.


It starts with the primary requirement for fishing, and that’s having fun while making good catches.

If you are looking to head into the sea and take a look around for yourself, you will know this is the fishing experience you have been looking for. The Cayman Islands are, special for a reason and it starts with fun.

Deep Sea Fishing

The charm of the Cayman Islands has to do with the deep sea fishing. You are going to have the opportunity to get into the water and enjoy deep sea fishing like you have never before. With the great weather, you are going to have a great time, and you will be able to soak in the sun at the same time.

It is going to make you remember all of the good times you’ve had in the past when it comes to fishing.

Range Of Wildlife

Fishing is great in this part of the world for a number of reasons, and one of them involves the wildlife. You are not going after a particular fish while in the region because there is so much variation. You are going to fall in love with what is in the water, and that is going to be the reason you never want to leave!

You will know this is the ultimate experience for those who love going out to the water and fishing until the sun comes down.

For those who are looking to have the time of their lives and want to see what the Cayman Islands has to provide will know it is not going to get better than this fishing experience. You are going to head to the water and realize there is so much to do.

The water is immaculate, and the weather is great meaning you can get out into the open for as long as you want and catch all the fish you desire.

This is the one experience everyone should look to have when it comes to fishing.